Find a job in your County Council

These days finding a job is harder than ever. One of the best ways to successfully secure work is to research the company or organization offering the vacancy. This can help you to tailor your application specifically to that particular area and it can help you respond intelligently to interview questions. If you are interested in working for a retail company, you should research the various job sites and start to think about which sector you may wish to work in.

Town Council

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If you are not lucky enough to find a job within a Council than its best idea to stick with the retail. However be happy if you have public sector job and try not to lose it forever.

There are many different departments at councils, such as:

Community Safety and Shared Services

This department combines services that relate to safeguarding the community and includes the fire and rescue service, community safety, trading standards and the gypsy and traveler services unit. Individuals who are interested in helping to safeguard and support the community should look for vacancies advertised by this department.

Environment and Economy

This department is focused on considering issues connected to sustainable development, property services, transport and business improvement. The planning implementation, countryside service and property services divisions of this department deliver guidance, regulation and information connected to environmental and economic issues that impact on Oxfordshire.

Social and Community Services

The social services work with older people and adults with disabilities. The purpose of the service is to ensure that people are able to live as independently and effectively as possible. The department helps vulnerable and at risk individuals by developing policies that provide additional support to these groups.

Don’t forget to register your CV to main job boards online to increase your chance for finding a job. Try, etc.